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Guide to getting paid

Qwyre supports streaming micropayments though a new web standard called web monetization. Readers pay a subscription which allows them to make per-second payments as they read here.

For every second someone reads your work on Qwyre, you get paid. In real-time.

Unlike streaming services, we don't keep the money and then pay you out some time in the future. Payments here are direct and immediate.

Your work earns about 36 cents per hour, or 0.6 cents per minute. A 5,000 word short-story would take about 12 minutes to read and earn 7.2 cents. You need to be read 700 times to earn $50.

Streaming micropayments requires a special destination pointer (a digital wallet) to receive payments, and do this without charging any transaction fees. The two providers of these streaming payments wallets happen to also do crypto-currencies, but you don't have to have anything to do with that if you don't want to. There's nothing stopping Visa or Mastercard offering such a pointer, however, this new standard needs to become more widely-used first.

The mechanism uses something similar to crypto to get paid, and your cash is paid out in the standard currency of your choice. The default is US Dollars.

Creating a payment pointer / wallet is straightforward and well-described here — Digital Wallet and Payment Pointers — for each of the current wallet providers:

Once you have your pointer, simply save it to your personal profile.