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Fees for using and publishing on Qwyre is the beginning of an experiment in collaborative publication.

Most of our services are free

  • An eReader. As long as the work is formatted as a standards compliant .epub, you should be able to open it here, manage it in your library, and read it offline on any device. No software installation required. Depending on your web browser, you may even be able to save this as an app to launch direct.
  • Convert any properly-formatted Word .docx file into a standards compliant .epub. This allows you to prepare your work for publication, and then read it directly in a standard reader to see how it looks.
  • Collaborative publishing, allowing you to find an editor and prepare your work for publication. If you and your editor agree to a different way of compensating each other, there is no requirement for you to publish on Qwyre.

Fees for readers

Coil charges $5 / month to enable streaming micropayments - aka tiny fractions of a penny - to instantly flow to websites as you read, watch and listen. There are an ever-growing number of apps and services which support Coil. Qwyre is just one of them.

Our streaming micropayments subscription service is provided via Coil which charges $5 / month. We do not receive or manage this fee. We only receive approximately 0.0001 cent per second when a reader chooses to stream payments. Stop after two pages and pay only 2.5 cents, or finish a novel and pay about $2. If you start to hit the limits of your $5 subscription, Coil will automatically start paying less, and the reading experience on Qwyre will not be interupted.

A reader will receive the first 500 words of a work for free, and then - as long as they stream micropayments - a steady stream of words building up to a complete work. They can stop and start as they like, and the words they've purchased are recorded to ensure they do not pay more than once.

The tally is updated every second. The average person reads at 250 to 300 words per minute. A 10,000 word short-story can be read in about 40 minutes, while a 100,000 word novel will take about 6 to 7 hours.

Streaming, fees and proportional revenue share for creators

Qwyre charges a default 15% of every proportional stream. 85% of all fees are passed directly to the creators.

Web Monetization supports proportional payments, meaning that we can direct these payments in accordance with the author and editor's requirements.

If they agree a 90:10 author:editor share, then 9 minutes of streaming revenue are the author's to every 1 minute for the editor.