Gavin Chait Photo I am Gavin Chait, an open data software consultant and development economist for Whythawk in the UK. My work and travels have taken me across Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Born in Cape Town in 1974, I emigrated to the UK in 2008. I have degrees in Microbiology & Biochemistry, and Electrical Engineering.

Lament For The Fallen- my first novel - has its origins in a story I attempted to write when I was a science fiction-obsessed twelve year old.

Lament For The Fallen is published and distributed on Whyqd, an open-source and extensible object-based wiki bringing revision control, content presentation, branching and embedding to any type of digital object. I developed the current simplified implementation of the software for this web-novel.


  • HTML-based presentation of complete novel;
  • Import novel source DOCX and convert to individual HTML pages for each chapter;
  • Price and set permissions for each chapter (as open, login or own);
  • Structure the Contents page;
  • Manage currency conversion, sales and distribution of the novel, including refunds;
  • Owners can bulk-buy, lend copies, and manage unredeemed purchases;
  • System creates one-time / time-limited download tokens for distribution;
  • Manage marketing and distribution of free review copies;

In the future, Whyqd will allow:

  • Online creation and editing of a novel;
  • Online conversion of HTML pages into epub, mobi and pdf ebooks;
  • Readers can branch, change and re-release books they buy;

You can choose to buy Lament For The Fallen instantly and anonymously with Stripe, or read the first 35 chapters for free... with one catch. After chapter four, the further you read the higher the eventual purchase price.

I appreciate your time and I hope you love Lament For The Fallen.

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